Monday, June 27, 2011

Another problem solved.

The replastering nearly finished in the lounge, can't wait for the dust to settle. If the temperature had not been 34 degrees C in the shade maybe a bit more would have been done today. A new little project completed though, an oak piece bought at a Vide Grenier for 1 Euro will be placed above and alcove where we keep the logs. Two pieces off an old wardrobe will become the uprights. The completed projects will be posted when finished but for now here is the top bit.

I gave it a coat of limewash let that dry and then went over it with very fine 00 steel wool to make it look worn. I then waxed it and added a little embelishment.

The little decoration in the centre is from The Graphics Fairy reduced to fit the plaque exactly.

Friday, June 17, 2011

Making wine, lazy cat and lizard

Plenty of redcurrants so made wine again this year, hopefully it will get bottled before it is drunk!

Lazy, dozing Monsieur Minnou

First attempt at relief stencilling with lime plaster, could do better.

Wednesday, June 15, 2011

Just been too busy!

You see that my blog title was well chosen as it has been some time since I put anything on my blog. Life goes on and things do get done.

This is the new wall colour in the lounge and I love it. It is a home made paint made with lime and pigment and it only took two attempts to get the right colour!

Spring, more like summer.
In profile.
My vide grenier purchase cleaned and decorated with another find at the Graphics Fairy.

An old drinking bottle found in barn cleaned and decorated with a pretty bird from the Graphics Farity.
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