Friday, September 2, 2011

In your face stencil on AS painted chest of drawers, cannot be ignored!

This is not actually what I had in mind when I started this. Normally when I stencil anything it is very subtle and rather in the background. This is something different for me and strangely enough I do like it. What do you think? Now be honest I can live with some constructive critisism although it's too late to do much about it now!

The paint is a mixture I have used before, 2 chateau grey, 1 scandinavian pink and 4 old white. Clear waxed.

The stencil is from the Stencil Library. This is the before state, not particularly noticeable but you can no longer say that!

Will post further pictures when it has found a place in the house.


  1. Oh wow!! You've inspired me!! I love it!!

  2. This is absolutely fabulous! I love the colours and the stencil is lovely- hmm gets me thinking- what do I have that I could do!!!??????

  3. This ASCP makeover looks GREAT!!!!


  4. i can see you are having some really lovely projects here! found through Kris ans i`ll be visiting : )

  5. Pat,

    I have been reading your posts and love all the re-purposing of furniture that you have done and continue to do. I love Annie Sloan paint and am trying to decide on what colors to paint my kitchen chairs and the pedestal that the top sits on. I am going to leave the top of the table and the chair seats the dark honey color that it is and paint everything else. I am leaning towards a heavy coat of Paris Grey and a thiner coat of Louis Blue or the Paris Grey with the Old white. I am going to use the dark wax as I saw a photo of a lady who used the Paris Grey only with a dark wax over that and it was so gorgeous. So, I am still trying to decide which to do.

    I love your blog it is informative and fun and I love looking at all of your creative works. See you soon!

    P.S. My daughter spent her junior year in Belgium as an exchange student and use to speak very fluent French. I have been there for a visit as well as Paris and England. I love Europe and would be very happy to live there.

    Cheery Regards,


  6. That looks great Pat. You are creating some very handsome projects at the moment. I would not describe this piece as 'in your face' it is very clean, bright and crisp. Fab!

  7. Hi mom, is that the telephone cupboard? Looks fab. Now to be called the tree cupboard! X


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