Monday, July 11, 2011

Annie Sloan paint being tested

Well, I have been so excited about using this paint I have had some sleepless nights (sad).  I started with a shelf unit that was made about 25 years ago by my other half. It was a prototype so it has never been pristine so was a good choice to do my first bit of distressing. Actually it was the distressing that was most stressful!

This is the shelf unit which was finished in a polyurethane varnish.

I then put on the first coat of paint in Old White straight from the tin. Amazing coverage, will water it down slightly next time as it left quite distinct brushmarks (although it could be that the brush was too thick).

I then gave it a coat of Chateau Grey which is more green than grey but I knew that anyway. I did add a little water to this which made the second coat very easy to apply, I will be a little more careful next time as I did get a few drips which sanded out very well once dry. I did the inside of the heart shape with Scandinavian Pink as well as the inside of the small drawers. I then clear waxed it and left it overnight.

Once buffed I distressed lightly some of the edges and where the drawers would scuff the bottom and a little bit here and there, I am not too keen on heavily distressed items so I think I may have been a little too careful. The white first coat showed through but I thaught it looked a little stark against the Grey so I used some of the dark wax, very sparingly, to mellow the tone. I have to say I was very nervous about this step but you can remove most of it with the clear wax if you get too carried away. Anyway I liked it so left it for a few hours and buffed it up. And here it is.

I am extremely happy with it and am tempted to keep it but the reason for painting it was to make some of our excess furniture saleable so we will see. My next project is an overmantel mirror.


  1. this looks really good- you must be pleased! I like the colour combination too it looks great. Did you use their wax or your own? So no rubbing down then?

  2. No rubbing down at all, just a good dust and get on with it. I used their wax which is very soft. the dark wax is a bit more difficult to use as it is VERY dark, a medium colour would be easier to use I think. I would like to get her book as a resource for future projects. I enjoyed doing this and as I said I am going to do the mirror next, not sure what colour though I am going to try and mix what I have to make a soft beige. It is important to have a good brush, preferably and mix of synthetic and bristle if you can get it. Not too thick but not a small brush. Depending on the thickness of the paint you may like to thin it a bit with some water.

  3. Great job. I have even painted w/o dusting and it can help with the deistresed look.

  4. Lovely blog Pat. Great to meet you here and see what is being done in beautiful Burgundy with my paint!! This paint sure does get around!

  5. Oh Pat, definitely don't keep it. Why it would make the most perfect "Thank you" present for someone. Like me. Say. And so don't be frightened of the dark wax. I've just done some over Provence on a chair and it's so gorgeous I want to carry it round just to show off. On a scale of one to sad, that definitely beats your pre-painting sleepless nights!

  6. First of all, I love the name you chose for your blog. Now you don't have to feel pressured to post on a daily basis. Your home is beautiful and I will enjoy following your blog to see TRUE French living. vickie

  7. Looks gorgeous Mum, brings it right up to date with vintage chic!!! Loving your work!! ass

  8. That was meant to say A x x at the end not ass!!!!


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