Sunday, July 3, 2011

A bit of cooking for a farewell party.

It is always sad to have to say goodbye to someone in your circle of friends but at the same time celebrate their new adventure.

So we celebrate with food!

This time I used labels from Worlldable that are downloadable for free and I added the wording in Picasa, it was easy and effective.

The Sweet Peppers recipe was from an old recipe book that I have had for years and that always works. I believe it is no longer in print but is still available through Amazon as a used item for 1p plus postage. An absolute bargain I say. The book is called "The Love of Italian Cooking" by Mary Reynolds. It was first published in 1978 and amazingly gives all the recipes in imperial, decimal and cup measurements. Truly international.

The Egg and Anchovies recipe also comes from and old cookery book, "The cookery Year" by Readers Digest, also still available through Amazon.


The Honeycomb Mascarpone Cheesecake, this recipe came from The British Larder a good resource for lovely recipes. I have to say that my photo does not do it justice, theirs is much better. I ommitted the peanuts in the recipe and used speculoos biscuits for the base instead of hobnobs. I was a bit concerned about the honeycomb crunchy topping but it was delicious. If you make this only add the topping up to an house before serving as it will go a little soft.

There were lots of lovely dishes at the party made by all the friends and I wish I had taken my camera to show everyone.


  1. Ohh all looks delicious and love the labels too. Sounds like a good send off!!

  2. This post is making me hungry. I love the labels too!


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