Thursday, July 19, 2012

A little bit of craft going on.

Well, once again I have been busy doing a few items for what is called a "Vide Grenier" here in France. It is much like the car boot sale in the UK but you can't do it from the car boot you have to set up a table and leave the car parked somewhere else. This makes for a bit of a scramble early in the morning when setting up but apart from that it is usually a very pleasant day as long as the weather remains decent!

I will be selling unwanted items as well as some of the following plaques with sayings on them. All in ASCP and waxed.

Live well, Laugh often, Love much.

Also gave a new life to a small wall cupboard in ASCP Cream, it was an orangey pine colour and looked great in it's new paint with a light distressing.

I am still working on a large kitchen larder cupboard also in cream it's had a first coat but as I like to sand between coats (not necessary but I like the feel of a smooth finish) I will need to empty it and do that outside. So it will have to wait for now.

Tuesday, July 3, 2012

At long last a post

It's been ages I know and I have missed this journal of achievements be they ever so small as well as the comments that make these projects so worth while.

 Life overtakes one's desires sometimes and you just have to go with it. Anyway, a couple of ASCP projects completed but inevitably there are more on the way.

French Linen and Original slightly distressed and waxed. However, the top I varnished as it will get all sorts of wet and bathroom products on it so thought it would be safer to do that. I was a little aprehensive as I know Annie Sloan prefers we use the wax but it is fine and I feel more confident that it will stay looking good for longer.

Also French Linen but looks different, I have noticed this with old oak furniture it is not such a clear colour but still nice although if you were trying to match items not of the same wood it could be a little annoying.

I have just finished my first piece in Emperor's Silk and it is a gorgeous colour but not the easiest one to get exactly right. Still it is only on a tray so no big deal. I think I should have watered it down first as it was very thick.

and on the back

Stencils from the book by Helen Morris of the Stencil Library a brilliant book containing ready to use stencils and lots of ideas as to how to personalise them.

Well, hopefully I will try to make time to come here more often. I have just ordered more ASCP paint from Les Couronnes Sauvage a lovely lady with lots of tips on how to use and mix this great paint.

We have had a lovely summers day today and it feels like it may stay for more than a day so keep fingers crossed. 

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