Saturday, July 16, 2011

Another Annie Sloan make over!

Started this project before my lovely Grandson arrived. He has now departed and is continuing his travels around Europe and we are missing him already so have got stuck in and finished this little table. I am showing you the finished item (except for the buffing which has to wait until tomorrow) first for a change.

I gave it one coat of AS (mix of 1 part Chateau Grey + 1 part
Scandinavian Pink + 4 parts Old White). Left it for a few days to see if I wanted to clear wax it or use the dark wax. In the end I mixed half and half clear and dark wax and it was definately a good choice as far as I am concerned.

And this is how it started.

A little blurred but you get the idea.

Now off to find another project! This could get addictive.


  1. Beautiful finish! I have a few pieces stashed in our garage JUST WAITING for a transformation like this. vickie

  2. Get you, all going off piste and mixing it up a storm! Love, love, love the colour.

  3. Hey this looks great, the colour is lovely! Just given my first piece of makeover furniture a coat of Old Ochre this evening!!

    Thanks so much for having Lewis and transporting him to his next step!! xx

  4. Beautiful piece. Love the new color!

  5. What a beautiful piece! Love the custom color you mixed.

    Yes it can get addicting! Some people paint their faces ; ) BTW, your message was cute and made me laugh. I deleted the other post.

    Thanks so much for stopping by and sharing at my Chalk Paint Party!

  6. I love your work. I am doing Annie Sloan Paint as well. I am looking for combinations to work with the primer red and would appreciate any input. Karen

  7. Karen, I couldn't find your blog but thank you for your kind words. I have not used Primer Red before but I have used Scandinavian Pink, I have just used it on an old oak mirror and used a light wash rather than the full paint. I then used Chateau Grey again as a wash over some of the pink detailing and it looks good. I have to say that I have had to get used to it as it is quite a strong colour. I suspect Primer Red is too. I am waiting for some other colours that I have ordered so that I can start getting away from the green, pink and mushroomy colour that I mixed.

  8. I am going to create a blog as soon as I figure out how. I am going to try the pink that you mentioned. I can't stop looking at your beautiful piece and I have to try it.

  9. absolutely beautiful! I would never have thought to mix those colors the way you did- it turned out so nicely! Brava!!

  10. Have just been looking over so of your makeovers - really lovely stuff! Thanks again for offering up your knowledge about mixing colors. My friend with the painted stone was very pleased!


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