Monday, August 29, 2011

The dressing table

This is the biggest piece I have done so far and I must admit that I am giving painting a bit of a break for a few days, well a day or so!

The before, rather a sad and dusty looking piece with knobs missing and generally uncared for.

Nearly there, Annie Sloan's Paris Grey with Old White wash on the edges.

In place in the bedroom

Very lightly distressed.

Looks lovely with the Gervaise Yellow walls (Farrow and Ball). Next the bed.

Thursday, August 25, 2011

More of the same, painting with Annie Sloan paint.

This is the before (obviously), if it was the after you should be worried!

This is the after (hopefully obviously) although the colour is somewhat distorted.

This is more like Paris Grey.

Very lightly distressed

With a customised "Lavender" interior. A mixture of Aubuson blue, Scandinavian Pink and Old White.

In situ, but once again not the best photo.

Saturday, August 20, 2011

Paris Grey and Old White bedside table - one down 4 to go!

This is one of two bedside tables in Paris Grey with Old White wash detailing. Forgot to take photo of original but will try to remember when I do the other one.

Too hot to paint at the moment the paint dries as you put it on!

Yellow and Grey

I was browsing some blogs a couple of days ago and came upon Shantygirl ( a creative and inspirational blog) and her post which you can see here that reminded me that I also have a liking for this colour combination. The colour combination reminds me of a pair of curtains that my mother made in a very modern and typical 60's style with pale grey, dark grey and yellow. I recently painted a little cabinet that I have in the bathroom in Annie Sloan Cream and Paris Grey with clear wax finish and I love it. The cream is actually more yellow than cream once waxed.

It is in fact more yellow than it appears in this photo. Also check out her inspirational photos of a Lakeside Home in Alabama, here, now that I could live with.

Also put up the shelf that I gave a new life to in AS Chateau Grey with a little Scandinavian Pink in the drawers and the heart shape. I used to have this full with cookery books before it got relegated to the attic but as you can see it has now been brought back into good use.

And now a few photos of an afternoon out on Thursday at Ancy le Franc and Tonnerre in Burgundy. It was a gorgeous day and is a part of Burgundy that we have driven through but not at stopped before.

Well off to do more painting, 2 bedside cabinets a dressing table, stool and blanket box in Paris Grey. Might be a little tired of that colour by the time I have finished and yes, it is to go in a Gervaise Yellow (Farrow and Ball) bedroom.

Monday, August 15, 2011

Cupboard doors and table

Well here are the doors that were painstakingly painted with AS paints, nothing wrong with the paints it's just that I hadn't realised how long it would take with all the detail. I love the fact that these are recycled as they would otherwise have been dumped. They also look rather interesting hanging on the wall.

From this

To this

I wasn't destined to keep these as within minutes of putting them on display they were spotted by the lovely Lesley (sorry about the spelling on your birthday card) and will be delivered this afternoon.

Tried a new colour on this rather elegant and simple side table. One thin coat of Paris Grey so that some of the oak graining showed through and detailed with a wash of white on the top moulding. Very lightly distressed. I love the colour and will be using this on my bedroom furniture (unless I change my mind which is always possible)!

Well, I need to have a good clear up now that we have done the two vide greniers and I will try to refrain from doing more painting for a few days (even hours)!

Friday, August 12, 2011

You will either like this or hate it and that's ok as even I'm not sure!

This mirror has been in the family for as many years as I care to remember. It is not a good piece in as much as it was not well made but it has some charm. The painting at the top in the middle of a glass of roses, is original. I decided to paint it Scandinavian pink as I needed to justify buying that colour (not just to paint the insides of drawers) and I washed over the beading with Chateau grey. This combination has now grown on me but I am still not sure. Once I find a place for it I may feel happier in my choice. What do you think? Please be honest, I can take it, and if the worst comes to the worst I can repaint it. By the way I received more paints today. Excited but unable to use them as I have to make approx 120 cupcakes for Sunday for the Fete de la Tartine.

And for my next project which I have already pretty much completed but cannot show you as yet are these:-

There are two of them, cabinet doors given to me by a kindly neighbour. They are handcarved and quite old but rather rustic. Once again not what I would call good pieces but that is the beauty of them as there is no guilt in having a go at giving them a new life as pictures on the wall.

Wednesday, August 10, 2011

More pictures.

Two more small doors with no other use than to make some more pictures. Once again using Annie Sloan paint and victorian ladies showing off their lovely hats, these images from The Graphics Fairy.

 I rather like this idea and have used doors from old cupboards beyond redemption before as in these (there were two matching ones).

My next project is this console table but this has to wait until my Paris Grey paint arrives.

This has been refurbished by my talented other half although I would have been quite happy to have painted it as it was. However he is, ofcourse, right as usual in that if it is worth painting and using then it has to be stable and the top had to be refitted.

I can't quite make up my mind about my latest makeover and am reluctant to put it on here as the photos do not do it justice so I will take some more and see if I like it any better!

Monday, August 1, 2011

Matching pictures for the clock

I was given 2 small cupboard doors that were not destined to become anything in particular so I painted them with Annie Sloan paint to match the clock I previously painted and used 2 teapot pictures from The Graphics Fairy to provide the interest.

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