Monday, August 15, 2011

Cupboard doors and table

Well here are the doors that were painstakingly painted with AS paints, nothing wrong with the paints it's just that I hadn't realised how long it would take with all the detail. I love the fact that these are recycled as they would otherwise have been dumped. They also look rather interesting hanging on the wall.

From this

To this

I wasn't destined to keep these as within minutes of putting them on display they were spotted by the lovely Lesley (sorry about the spelling on your birthday card) and will be delivered this afternoon.

Tried a new colour on this rather elegant and simple side table. One thin coat of Paris Grey so that some of the oak graining showed through and detailed with a wash of white on the top moulding. Very lightly distressed. I love the colour and will be using this on my bedroom furniture (unless I change my mind which is always possible)!

Well, I need to have a good clear up now that we have done the two vide greniers and I will try to refrain from doing more painting for a few days (even hours)!


  1. Hey Pat, I love what you have done with your chalk paint, I cannot wait to see the cream project tomorrow as that is the color I want to try next and I would love a softer yellow!
    I have a buffet that I would like to do in cream and white and if it shows a lil yellow I would be thrilled! Thanks for stopping by my place

  2. I love what you have done here - it brings out the detail on the panel, i have a chinese carved chest and am itching to paint it as the detail is too dark and you cant see it....but husband wont allow me too!


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