Saturday, August 20, 2011

Yellow and Grey

I was browsing some blogs a couple of days ago and came upon Shantygirl ( a creative and inspirational blog) and her post which you can see here that reminded me that I also have a liking for this colour combination. The colour combination reminds me of a pair of curtains that my mother made in a very modern and typical 60's style with pale grey, dark grey and yellow. I recently painted a little cabinet that I have in the bathroom in Annie Sloan Cream and Paris Grey with clear wax finish and I love it. The cream is actually more yellow than cream once waxed.

It is in fact more yellow than it appears in this photo. Also check out her inspirational photos of a Lakeside Home in Alabama, here, now that I could live with.

Also put up the shelf that I gave a new life to in AS Chateau Grey with a little Scandinavian Pink in the drawers and the heart shape. I used to have this full with cookery books before it got relegated to the attic but as you can see it has now been brought back into good use.

And now a few photos of an afternoon out on Thursday at Ancy le Franc and Tonnerre in Burgundy. It was a gorgeous day and is a part of Burgundy that we have driven through but not at stopped before.

Well off to do more painting, 2 bedside cabinets a dressing table, stool and blanket box in Paris Grey. Might be a little tired of that colour by the time I have finished and yes, it is to go in a Gervaise Yellow (Farrow and Ball) bedroom.


  1. Wow what a lovely place- and the sky looks brill! Not like our grey skies here!!! The little cupboard looks cute and I love the shelf unit- looks great. Must get on with mine! Will post some pics of some bits i have done soon. By the way thanks for the advice re watering the paint down- it produces a much nicer finish I think.

  2. Pat,

    I love that fountain and all the photos. I would have never thought to put yellow and gray together and it looks like it could grow on you. Your photos are great on the colors you are using it gives me a point of reference as to colors and how they look with each other.


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