Friday, August 12, 2011

You will either like this or hate it and that's ok as even I'm not sure!

This mirror has been in the family for as many years as I care to remember. It is not a good piece in as much as it was not well made but it has some charm. The painting at the top in the middle of a glass of roses, is original. I decided to paint it Scandinavian pink as I needed to justify buying that colour (not just to paint the insides of drawers) and I washed over the beading with Chateau grey. This combination has now grown on me but I am still not sure. Once I find a place for it I may feel happier in my choice. What do you think? Please be honest, I can take it, and if the worst comes to the worst I can repaint it. By the way I received more paints today. Excited but unable to use them as I have to make approx 120 cupcakes for Sunday for the Fete de la Tartine.

And for my next project which I have already pretty much completed but cannot show you as yet are these:-

There are two of them, cabinet doors given to me by a kindly neighbour. They are handcarved and quite old but rather rustic. Once again not what I would call good pieces but that is the beauty of them as there is no guilt in having a go at giving them a new life as pictures on the wall.


  1. And I have now bought the finished revamped article - I love them! Put a photo of them on here Pat before you deliver them!

  2. I love the mirror mum, the colour is just right for it- a new lease of life.

  3. The colour picks out the roses well. Don t think a different colour would have worked. I know what you mean about not being sure but I think it will look great in the right setting. X

  4. I think it looks lovely~ pink and grey are a beautiful combination!!

  5. Hello Pat,

    I'm not to sure about this combination for me but I am sure that you have a special place for it that will be perfect.

  6. I got your comment about my comment on the mirror and I had to chuckle as I did not want to offend you because it is a nice piece in its own right. I am a very honest person and I hope you are okay with what I said.

    I do like the color pink in its palest form but blue is my most favorite color. You can put any shade of blue and mix it in its various shades and then have a different color along side it to choose from and I will always pick the blue. LOL It never fails!

  7. I'm not sure too... I am just starting out with the AS chalk paints and starting to realise that I too will need to justify buying certain ones that I like for interiors! I personally think I would have painted it in a soft aqua as i would have liked the roses to "pop". I do love the piece, have just discovered your blog and love everything you have done

    1. Again, thanks. I still look at it and am not sure although it looks fine in it's place. I like your suggestion of soft aqua and when I go to the UK in May I will get some more colours. Do you have a blog?


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