Wednesday, August 10, 2011

More pictures.

Two more small doors with no other use than to make some more pictures. Once again using Annie Sloan paint and victorian ladies showing off their lovely hats, these images from The Graphics Fairy.

 I rather like this idea and have used doors from old cupboards beyond redemption before as in these (there were two matching ones).

My next project is this console table but this has to wait until my Paris Grey paint arrives.

This has been refurbished by my talented other half although I would have been quite happy to have painted it as it was. However he is, ofcourse, right as usual in that if it is worth painting and using then it has to be stable and the top had to be refitted.

I can't quite make up my mind about my latest makeover and am reluctant to put it on here as the photos do not do it justice so I will take some more and see if I like it any better!


  1. These are absolutely lovely- all of them! The pics are beautiful! And I like the candle holder too. Thanks for all the telephone advice and colour ideas!!!!

  2. You have been really busy and what wonderful rewards for all your hard work. Everything looks super, I think I may have to look into this paint it sounds really great to use.


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