Thursday, August 25, 2011

More of the same, painting with Annie Sloan paint.

This is the before (obviously), if it was the after you should be worried!

This is the after (hopefully obviously) although the colour is somewhat distorted.

This is more like Paris Grey.

Very lightly distressed

With a customised "Lavender" interior. A mixture of Aubuson blue, Scandinavian Pink and Old White.

In situ, but once again not the best photo.


  1. So Pretty! Love the color inside the drawer....amazing how color can change a piece!

  2. Hey I remember this! It looks lovely and revitalised with the painting- I like the contrast of the top remaining wood. Just got my first tin of dark wax and lots of small projects underway!!!!

  3. It looks amazing, like everything else!

  4. Lovely! Especially like the colour inside the drawer which compliments the outside..


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