Monday, August 1, 2011

Matching pictures for the clock

I was given 2 small cupboard doors that were not destined to become anything in particular so I painted them with Annie Sloan paint to match the clock I previously painted and used 2 teapot pictures from The Graphics Fairy to provide the interest.


  1. Oh these are lovely- tell me how you did this? Are they decoupage?

  2. Yes, printed out on ordinary paper cut to shape and stuck on and given 3 coats of pva. I adjusted the size of the pictures (made them a bit bigger) so they would fill the space available and lined them up so that they match reasonably well. I was lucky that the 2 I chose faced each other otherwise I would have had to flip one over (not done that before).

  3. Your teapots look lovely next to the clock! I haven't tried Anne Sloan paint yet but I'm dying too! Coming over from the Graphics Fairy and a happy new follower!


  4. I havent flipped either- how does one do that!!!???????


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