Tuesday, September 27, 2011

Baking pizzas in the village bread oven. Getting ready for winter and another little painted table.

Good company, good food, good wine and amazingly good weather. What more could one want?

Things are beginning to show the first signs of Autumn in the garden and the stack of logs is growing  to keep us warm this winter.
A few views of the countryside surrounding the village where we live.

And inevitably another small painted project using Paris Grey and Aubuson Blue, clear wax and also used Aubuson Blue mixed with clear wax on the top to give it a cloudy look, the blue is not quite so strong in reality



  1. Pat,

    I just left you a message on my blog answering your question about what next and I find you have written a new post.

    First off, The pictures of pizza in the village bread oven is so inviting and I love the flowers and countryside around your home. Yes, it is true, autumn is here. Although, in Texas it is still quite hot...90 degrees and sunny. It is usually not until late in October before we start to get some really cool temperatures. I grew up in the Midwest where cold temperatures came in late October and snow by late November or December, not so here in Texas.

    Love what you did to the table. I really love the Paris Grey. Now I have to find something to do in the Old White, much smaller of course!


  2. the garden looks wonderful and i love the table! good company though is the most important of all : )

  3. Oh, what beautiful views of the countryside! The table is darling, especially with that cute little car.

  4. Oh! I would love to be your neighbor!

  5. Must be a very nice event!
    Like the pics of your village!

    ♥ Franka

  6. Hey Pat! I haven't see anything from you or heard anything from you in a while and just wondering how you. Hope you are doing well and just keeping busy!

  7. what fun to have a brick oven for pizzas! and I'm loving the pretty little table..gotta love Annie Sloan paints...very pretty collages..


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