Monday, January 2, 2012

At last finished the furniture in the bedroom with Annie Sloan paint.

It has taken longer than anticipated but nearly there. Still have to decide what to do with the bed and then the curtains!

No before picture (as usual I forgot). Painted in Paris Grey with stencil in Old White and some light distressing. I think it looks much better. I now need to find some lovely paper to line the inside bottom.

I also received some Transfer Artist Paper from one of my lovely daughters for my birthday and have been experimenting with it although I'm not sure what it will end up being just yet. This is the picture I wanted to transfer to some calico cotton. It is a double page spread from a book. The instructions were easy to follow and after a few minutes printing out the pages on my printer and lining up the 2 pages I ironed it on and it came out like.......................

this. It looks excellent and the colours are vibrant. A little on the stiff side but that will apparently get better with washing. We will see and I will do another post if I eventually use this.


  1. Great job on the furniture! I love the Paris Grey and you're stenciling in the Old White looks wonderful!

    I just did an iron on too in Matte finish with a Ballet design on a pillow (check on FB to see it) and it felt a bit stiff as well. All of the new techniques for doing crafts sometimes confuses me! I get it... but it takes me awhile sometimes!

  2. I really appreciate for your nicely done work. I really like white color for furniture but your picture is looking nice I would love to try the same for existing white painted furniture and would like to see the combination of gray and white.


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