Sunday, January 29, 2012

Painted kitchen table Annie Sloan Chalk Paint of course

I wanted to use a stencil from the new stencil book by Helen Morris "Stencil It" but needed something to do it on! The obvious thing was a rather worn orange pine kitchen table. So, out comes the Cream, two coats. I was then going to make a green from Aubusson Blue and Cream but it came out like duck egg blue and it looked lovely and did match another colour I had in the kitchen. So on with the stencil and a couple of coats of clear wax and there you have it.

Now will have to do something with the chairs and the seat cushions! Does it never end?
Oh, yes there is another big cupboard in there as well which is still orange pine so that will have to be done too. Just as well I'm retired.

It has brought a much needed lightness into the kitchen on these grey winter days.
No particular panic to do the other pieces yet as I quite like to paint outside but the temperature needs to be a little warmer for that. Roll on Spring.


  1. This looks really great love it! Must get on myself!

  2. Great job Pat! I have a side table that I want to do in ASCP in the Coco color and I would also like to purchase the Versaille green paint too. It looks so lovely.

    I also like to paint outside and am waiting for spring and "no" I don't think it ever ends! HA

  3. Hi Pat, This looks lovely. I am thrilled to see a project that uses the stencils from Stencil It.
    Can I show my readers and if so could you send me a close up shot? The colour combination is very pretty and I look forward to seeing the cupboards and chairs completed. I have serious 'oven envy' going on too.

  4. This is lovely mum, I really would like to have a go at my table now!!

  5. You know how much I love this table. Have not got round to doing my own yet - come on over and do it for me please! X


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